01 November 2007

A Brief Recap - Part One

Basically we got back into the "sailing business" in Summer 2007 after a hiatus of several years. Before then our last cruise was from New Jersey USA to the eastern end of Nova Scotia in Summer 2002. This was a fine cruise with nothing untoward to report. The Nova Scotia people were their usual warm and friendly selves, the weather was workable, etc. I believe this was our 4th visit to the Province and first time to the Lakes.

In the fall of 2002 my wife Sonia and I decided to have a new house built and that project, together with a few medical adventures since resolved, kept Kerry Deare out of action. The truth in fact is that the hiatus kept her out of shape and in a very poor state of repair, since she sat sad and neglected for many years.

So in Summer 2007 I jumped back in and opted to have the folks at our boatyard work on Kerry Deare. To repeat an earlier note, she is a 1981 Cape Dory 28 I have owned since new. Prior to 2002 she had been maintained to a very high standard by me. The idea of asking the yard to jump in was that (1) the cash outlay would motivate me to get a move on, and (2) I really did not want to do slave work cleaning up the hull, refurbishing the teak, etc. I planned 2007 not as a sailing year but rather a work year, and working on the boat in the water is the method of choice.