01 November 2008

Getting Up To Date Bermuda Style

The cruise to Bermuda went off largely without incident. The sail down from NJ took about 6 days, and my wife Sonia visited by plane for a quiet and restful vacation. We celebrated our 10th anniversary with special dinners, a few "tell tale" adventures, and even a few presents. The only negative was that we were not able to catch up with all the folks we'd met during our 1994 Bermuda cruise. Some had moved, some had passed away, etc. We made up for this with new friends in Somerset and elsewhere.

After Sonia flew back to the US I diddled a bit, and as July approached and my taste for $50 hamburgers diminished, I cast off for NJ one more time. Had to pump all the way back, as there was an annoying leak at the through-hull for the speedo transducer. Also the Volvo diesel was a bit cantankerous since, despite what seemed like a thorough prep of the fuel system, unwelcome crud from the fuel tank found its way into the fuel lines clogging quite a few Racor elements. This of course is the price of having the boat in storage for years. However we made it back on time and easily enough. We finished out 2008 on the Barnegat, glad to be at rest once again.