01 June 2008

Offshore Bound

In the Spring of 2008 we once again were getting into the final re-dos and preparations for another Bermuda visit. This one held significance for many reasons, as it was the first cruise for the boat in years. In addition summer of 2008 would mark my wife Sonia's and my 10th wedding anniversary, and we wanted to spend it in a place with romantic potential. Third, it seemed like a great getaway for my wife from her workaday world, with strong potential for fun and relaxation. Oh, and of course it would add evidence to the fact that I am one of the world's most accomplished sailors. Well OK, the jury may disregard the last thought.

The list from the preceding season's work was still long but getting shorter each day. Once we felt ready to go, we staged a little party at the boatyard for the boat herself. She was dressed and spic-and-spanned and frankly, she looked hot. All agreed.