19 July 2014

Main Sheet Block Repair

Several years ago the Shaffer lower double block for the main sheet parted from the traveler slide during a short New England cruise.  I was able to limp by for quite a while until the system again failed in Newfoundland in 2010.  I was able to jury rig a repair with the help of a local fisherman, but the job needed to be addressed properly.  The slide is shown in the photo.  This article shows the repair.

Note that the slide has two welded  posts that secure the traveler control blocks.  I decided to fabricate (actually have fabricated) the new mount so that it fit over these two posts.  First I cleaned up the teak on which the traveler track is mounted (photo).

Next the shop cut and welded a piece of heavy stainless bar with part of a pin shackle.  I wired the spring mount in a compressed position while the block itself was secured to the base by welding.  The preliminary result is shown at left, and the final result at right.

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